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After Repair Value: 25,000
Estimated Repairs: 2000

Date Posted:  04/19/2014
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Easy Handyman   (Phoenix, AZ)
Easy Handyman Asking Price: 146,500
After Repair Value: 210,000
Estimated Repairs: 10,000

Date Posted:  04/04/2014
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Great rental income   (San Francisco, CA)
Great rental incomeAsking Price: 225,000
After Repair Value: 265,000
Estimated Repairs: 20,000

Date Posted:  03/25/2014
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Tenant In Place. Turnkey Rental   (Columbus, OH)
Tenant In Place.  Turnkey RentalAsking Price: 27,500
After Repair Value: 56,000
Estimated Repairs: x

Date Posted:  03/07/2014
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Crazy Deal! South Mountain Preserve   (Phoenix, AZ)
Crazy Deal! South Mountain PreserveAsking Price: 119000
After Repair Value: 260000
Estimated Repairs: 30000

Date Posted:  03/01/2014
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